Operation Eos


Episode Summary

In 2414, Admiral Goa'tana Menat and the crew of the USS Jimiku'tt chase a criminal named Sypek Voor through the Federation-Cardassian border region. But when Sypek Voor gives them the slip in the Arachnid nebula, the Jimiku'tt stumbles into a mystery they did not expect.

Episode Notes

Operation Eos is a Star Trek fan production.

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Based Upon Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry

Developed for Audio, Written & Directed by Kent Michael Altman

Produced by Last Midnight Productions

Editing by Cristina Hartfield & Kent Michael Altman

Show Art by Heidi & Malakai Stalnaker

Original Star Trek Themes by Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith

Original Music for Operation Eos by Kent Michael Altman

War Chant Music by Th3 Artist B3ach

War Chant Lyrics by AM Sannazzaro





Rhona Bentz as Admiral Goa'tana Menat

Juls Hoover as Commander Voyil Kota

Lindsay Plake as Lieutenant Commander Illyri Vizan

Jennifer Roman as Lieutenant Commander Carmen Flores-Colón

Jennifer Marshall as Lieutenant T'Shana

Zain Mann as Lieutenant Amrel Adomot

AJ Emerson as Lieutenant Juniper O'Doud

Amanda Workman as Lieutenant Felylwat Belal

Sravanthi Prattipati as Lieutenant Kamala Bakshi

Trevor Eisinger as Lieutenant Tivan

with Lawrence Lesher as Lieutenant Commander Justin Lo


Also Starring:

Elizabeth Rhodes as Federation Computer Voice

Jeffrey Gardner as Lieutenant Felix Hanson

Marcus Hartfield as Lieutenant Matthew Cermack

Kirk Stalnaker as Master Chief Bressil

Avery Tran as Young Goa'tana Menat

Janice Knapp as Sunuog Menat

Heidi Stalnaker as Arachnia

Terry Thomas as Sypek Voor

R. Scott Purdy as Admiral Mike Sheffield


Featuring the Voice Talents of:

Lisa Molenda as Engineer Turner

Izen Cahill as Security Officer Izen

Kevin Hutchinson as Security Officer Hutch

Patch Perryman as War Chant Singer


The Producers Would Like to Thank:

Gene Roddenberry

Majel Barrett Roddenberry

CBS Studios Inc

Paramount Pictures

Cryptic Studios

Star Trek Online

Anthony Peterson

Lori L. Engler

Anne Kyle

Michael Hutchison

Barbara Tran

Suzanne Clark

Thomas E. Altman

and Sam Altman


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Star Trek and all related marks, logos, and characters are solely owned by CBS Studios Inc.  This Fan Production is not endorsed by, sponsored by, or affiliated with CBS Studios Inc, Paramount Pictures, Cryptic Studios, Star Trek Online, or any other Star Trek franchise, and is a non-commercial, fan-produced audio drama intended for recreational use.  No commercial exhibition or distribution is permitted.  No alleged independent rights will be asserted against Paramount Pictures or CBS Studios Inc.

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